The cold weather probably has you thinking about your heater and it’s important to keep your home warm for you and your family. Sometimes, your furnace has a hiccup and doesn’t work quite like it’s supposed to. We’ve compiled a list with 11 of the most common heating problems that homeowners experience. There are some things to look out for in order to make sure a small problem doesn’t become a big one.

你也可以 了解更多类型的加热器你有 通过查看bet9APP下载的暖通空调专业人士的这篇文章.

1. 肮脏的过滤器

当你的 炉过滤器 是脏的, 你的加热器不能“呼吸”,” and makes it difficult to send warm air to the rest of the house. It’s not surprising that this is is one of the most common problems. 你的加热器可能会不断地吹气, shutting off or cause your heating bills to significantly increase.

Luckily, changing your filter is simple and something you can do yourself. 这一切都始于为你的炉子找到正确的过滤器. bet9APP下载也有一段很棒的视频为您讲解 如何更换炉内过滤器. Be sure to change your filter every three months – this is crucial to both the health and efficiency of your heater.

2. 指示灯熄灭或不亮

Most furnaces don’t have a standing pilot anymore that you can just relight if it goes out (unless your furnace is over 20 years old, in which case you should call a professional to evaluate since it’s an older unit.) In most furnaces, there is an ignition system rather than a pilot you can reach. If your furnace seems like it’s not starting, you should call a professional. An HVAC professional will be able to evaluate and repair the problem.

3. 脏或损坏的火焰传感器

这是bet9APP下载经常看到的一个常见问题. 炉子会打开和关闭,但不会一直开着. It cycles to attempt to start the furnace but will shut off as a safety precaution. 当你的炉子启动时, the flame sensor has a short window where it needs to detect if a flame is present. If your furnace continued to emit gas when there was nothing there to ignite it, 然后它会造成危险的累积未燃烧的气体. Most units are set up to go into a “safety lockout” after it’s tried three times.

由于碳的堆积,火焰传感器会变得很脏, and the slightest amount of carbon coating can cause the sensor to misread and shut down. 解决这个问题的唯一办法就是 持牌修炉公司 清洗或更换火焰传感器. 不要试图自己打开炉子并进行清洁.

4. 恒温器不工作

首先,确保它不需要新电池. Double check that you have it set to heat and the correct temperature. 如果还是有问题, 请一位暖通空调专业人士. Chances are that if you’ve followed these steps, then your thermostat is fine. 是你的供暖系统出了问题.

5. 吹风机一直在运转

首先检查恒温器的开关. 如果设置为“开”,吹风机将持续运行. Change it to “auto” so that it will turn itself on and off as needed when it reaches the set temperature. If it’s set to auto, you may also need to change the filter as we mentioned before. 如果问题仍然存在,是时候打电话给专家了.

6. 吹冷气

Make sure you have it set to “heat” before you panic – it’s easy to press the wrong button. However, it could also be blowing cold air because the flame sensor is broken or dirty.

7. 有些房间是温暖的,有些是寒冷的

Ductwork is the pathway through your home that spreads warm air. 管道系统的泄漏会导致暖气不均匀. It’s also not uncommon in 新墨西哥 for the ductwork to be the wrong size. 这也可能是因为糟糕的设计. 你车库里的暖气是在房子的一端吗? If so, the air has to travel farther, making some rooms warm and others cold.

Ask your HVAC professional to help you identify the real problem. 他们可以告诉你你的选择. 也许你需要做一些测试,或者一个二级熔炉. Two-stage furnaces blow at high and low speeds, instead of just “on” and “off”. 这可以帮助空气更均匀地分布在你的房子里. An expert can also offer options for supplemental heating sources if your furnace isn’t centrally located in the home.

8. 高企的能源账单

bet9APP下载有没有提到要检查炉膛过滤器? 一个脏的过滤器会让你的能源成本上升15%! 没有人希望那样,所以每三个月就换一次过滤器.

你有沼泽冷却器吗? In the winter, a damper needs to be placed in the ductwork leading to the cooler. Otherwise the warm air you’ve paid to heat your home escapes to the outside and you’re just wasting energy and money.

9. 你的暖气发出很大的噪音

Banging, whirring or strange clicking noises are not a good sign. Your heater could be trying to tell you that the motor is going out. 它可能是缓慢和嘈杂的启动. There could also be something stuck in the ductwork like flapping tape. 暖通空调专业人员可以帮助你精确定位噪音.

10. 暖气散发出奇怪的气味

A slightly dusty smell is alright when you first turn your heater on and typically goes away fairly soon after starting it. 你还应该担心其他的气味.

If you smell gas, immediately shut off your unit and go outside. 马上打电话给你的暖通空调专业人士. This is a very dangerous situation and must be fixed immediately. 打开门窗,给房子通风.

一种金属味可能表明一氧化碳(CO)泄漏. While carbon monoxide is typically odorless, this metallic smell it’s telling you that it’s there. 一氧化碳是非常危险的. Make sure that you install a working carbon monoxide alarm and change the batteries at the start of every heating season. If the alarm goes off, do the same thing you would do for a gas leak. If you experience carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms (headaches, 眼睛灼烧和/或恶心), 立即离开家并立即寻求医疗帮助! 一旦你确定你没事了,就打电话给 新墨西哥天然气公司 在回家之前. They can shut the gas off and ensure your home is safe to enter. Then call a trusted HVAC repair company to repair the CO leak. The gas company will likely disable the furnace until it has been repaired by a licensed heating expert and inspected.

其他气味可能是电子气味或霉菌气味. 把这些都处理好. The electric smell could mean your transformer or blower is going out, and mold is a health hazard.


11. 太老了

The last thing your heating system might try to tell you is “I’m too old for this”. That’s not what anyone wants to hear from their heater, but it is a possibility. 炉子的典型寿命周期为12-15年. If your furnace is older than 15 years, you may want to talk to your local HVAC professional about 安装新炉. They will help you decide whether to repair it or say “Goodbye”.

听加热器. 通过改变过滤器, 并进行定期维护, 你可以让它在未来数年里不告诉你“我不干了”. 因为你的供暖系统是家庭舒适的核心, 听加热器的声音很重要. 

薄层色谱管道是领先的 阿尔伯克基的炉子服务公司 and is always ready to help get your heating system up and running.