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阿尔伯克基 浴室装修 Experts

Are you interested in updating your bathroom? 更新瓷砖,更换固定装置,安装一个新的浴缸或淋浴器,安装一个新的梳妆台? TLC’s remodeling team can help you get the bathroom of your dreams.

A remodeled bathroom can greatly improve the look, feel, and value of your home. bet9APP下载经验丰富的工匠可以帮助您设计和定制适合您需求的浴室. 有了bet9APP下载团队的全方位服务能力,您不必为一个项目使用多个公司. Choose the experts you trust, choose TLC.

Why choose TLC for your bathroom remodel:

  • Dedicated team of experienced craftsmen
  • Our craftsmen can help you design the bathroom of your dreams
  • We stand behind our work 100%
  • 1-year warranty on our work

Types of 浴room Upgrades and Remodeling We Provide

浴room remodel projects large and small

Upgrading a bathroom can look different for everyone. Whether is simply removing and replacing your 瓷砖, 安装新的梳妆台, or doing a full bathroom upgrade, TLC会照顾你的. No project is too big or too small for our team. 以下是bet9APP下载所做的浴室改造的几种类型: 

  • 完整的浴室重塑
  • 浴缸到淋浴转换
  • 淋浴铺面装修
  • 浴缸安装
  • ADA Accessibility Modifications
  • Walk-in Shower Installation
  • 浴室瓷砖的安装
  • 浴缸里删除
  • 淋浴门更换
  • 玻璃门安装
  • 虚荣的安装
  • 浴室水槽安装
  • 照明安装
  • 浴room Flooring Installation
  • 和更多的……
Handicap and ADA Accessible 浴室重塑

TLC的专业工匠经验丰富,可以为您提供任何更新,使您的浴室无障碍. bet9APP下载可以拆除浴缸,安装步入式淋浴器或符合ADA标准的浴缸和淋浴器,以满足您的需求和舒适度. Talk to our experts about how we can help improve your bathroom. TLC always provides free no obligation in home estimates and senior discounts. If you or a loved one is in need of updating your bathroom TLC is here to help.


View bathroom remodel projects we’ve done for homeowners 在阿尔伯克基 & 里约热内卢牧场.

浴room Vanity Remodel Projects

Why you should consider updating your bathroom

Updating your bathroom can add value and comfort to your home. TLC能够对您的浴室进行小的更新或完全改造您的浴室. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider updating your bathroom:

  • 淋浴墙壁上可见的霉菌或软点——这是墙壁不再密封的迹象, and water is penetrating them which can cause mold and other damage.
  • 你的风格和喜好改变了——就像bet9APP下载的风格和喜好改变了bet9APP下载的服装一样, our style for our home might change to! 如果你厌倦了浴室的风格,这可能是一个好迹象,你需要做一些更新!
  • 如果你爱的人需要一个更符合美国残疾人法的卫生间——bet9APP下载的寿命更长了,bet9APP下载年迈的父母搬来和bet9APP下载住是很常见的,所以bet9APP下载可以为他们提供他们需要的照顾. 将你的浴室升级为一个更方便使用和ADA友好的浴室会让你们都感到更舒适.
  • You’ve updated other areas of your home, but your bathroom is still dated – Most people do one project at a time, and you may have already made updates to other areas of your home. It’s time to think about a bathroom remodel to match your home’s upgrades.
  • 你想增加你的家的转售价值-浴室改造和升级是增加你的转售价值的最好方法之一.


How much does a bathroom remodel cost

浴room remodeling costs can vary based on the size of the project. 以下是阿尔布开克地区浴室改造的一些基本平均数据.

  • 低: $800
  • 平均: $5,000 – $10,000
  • 高: $15,000+

TLC提供了一个 10%的折扣 为现役军人/老兵,老年人,和TLC预防性维护客户.

Quality remodeling service by a company you can trust

1) Call our office to speak to a bathroom remodeling expert:

打电话给bet9APP下载, (505) 761-9644 在阿尔伯克基. One of our remodeling experts will ask you a few questions about your project goals. 

2) 时间表 a free no-obligation estimate


3) We provide you with a quote for your bathroom remodel/renovation project

在bet9APP下载和你见面之后, bet9APP下载的团队将为您的浴室改造/装修项目提供报价. 一旦您接受,bet9APP下载将安排您的项目,并开始订购所需的材料.

4) Pick your materials and fixtures


5) TLC craftsmen remodel your bathroom

TLC的工匠知识渊博,经验丰富,可以在对您的生活影响最小的情况下改造您的浴室. 当bet9APP下载开始这个项目时,bet9APP下载将努力把浴室设备的拆除和拆除降到最低. bet9APP下载的专家将用塑料和防水布尽可能地保持该区域的清洁和整洁,以遏制拆除瓷砖和固定装置带来的混乱.

6) We make sure you’re satisfied with our work

在你的改造工程完成后,bet9APP下载的工匠会把剩下的工具和材料移走,让你检查bet9APP下载的工作. TLC always stands behind our work 100%. We always ensure you are satisfied with our work and offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy, please tell us, and we’ll make it right.



Will a bathroom remodel increase my home’s value?

Yes, 浴room remodels will increase the value of your home. 通常能增加房屋价值的两个领域是厨房改造和浴室改造.   

How much does it cost to remove a tub and install a shower?

拆卸浴缸和安装淋浴器的成本取决于浴缸的类型和被拆卸的浴缸和被更换的淋浴材料的类型. If you would like a solid shower surround instead of 瓷砖, TLC recommend installing fiberglass or plastic shower inserts. Our craftsmen recommend installing cultured marble walls and shower pan. These option can cost an average of $5,500. If you would like 瓷砖 the cost may be more costly.

Does replacing a bathtub with a shower devalue a home’s sale price?


How do you hire a bathroom remodel contractor?

When you hire someone to remodel your bathroom, check their warranty options on their labor and material. 最好是找一个有许可证的承包商,因为这样可以确保浴室里的所有升级都符合标准,并在某种形式的保修下进行.

如果你正在改造你的浴室来卖掉你的房子,你所做的升级将在你卖掉房子的时候被检查. 如果这些升级不符合代码标准,它将无法通过检查,并可能影响您的房屋销售.

Another thing to consider is the time it takes to complete the remodel project. bet9APP下载有很多客户选择了更便宜的方案,项目超出了客户的预期时间,或者承包商无法完成项目.

Are walk-in showers a good idea?

免预约淋浴在新墨西哥州非常受欢迎,尤其是对老年和残疾房主来说. 步入式淋浴不需要人们踩上或越过什么东西进入淋浴,而且更少的绊倒风险.

Walk-in showers can be customized with many features like dual shower heads, 瓷砖, 和玻璃围栏. 有很多选择,你可以添加一个步入式淋浴,一个美丽的浴室.

How long does a bathroom remodel take?

For the team at TLC a full bathroom remodel typically takes an average of 5 days. 如果你有一个非常大的浴室,超过180平方英尺,包括一个浴缸和淋浴更换, this might take a little longer. 更多的定制升级将需要更长的时间来确保正确的工艺和安装.

阿尔伯克基’s Expert 浴室装修 服务

TLC为阿尔伯克基和里约热内卢牧场的业主提供浴室改造服务已经超过10年了. Are you interested in upgrading your bathroom but need a little inspiration? 从这里开始 Modern 浴room Remodel by TLC.

Give your bathroom a little TLC

TLC的浴室改造专家在这里帮助你给你一个你会喜欢的浴室. 现在是时候给你的浴室一点TLC,打电话给bet9APP下载安排一个免费的评估今天.